dimanche 14 août 2011

Care and inclusion sculturing competition at Lamma Island (CSR)

I must be some kind of a masochist. Every single day, when the alarm clock rings at 7am, all I can think of " I can't wait to be Saturday, and sleep in". Comes Saturday, and what do I do? I wake up at 7am to join a CSR event (corporate social responsability) at Lamma Island. 
Lamma island for Christ's sake! Meeting point : Pier #4, at 9am. Hopefully, I won't get seasick. Well, I chose to come, didn't I?
Why is that again? Oh right, I had a very good time, at the last CSR event I joined in Tai O. 
Suddenly, I'm glad I woke up. Plus, it's a wonderful day I might add. Hot and sunnny. I meet up with CSR ambassador for SG, his daughter, and other SG volunteers at the pier, and we embark at 9:10am towards Yung Shue Wan, Lamma island.

What's today's event all about? 
Organized by the Hans Andersen Club, today is dedicated to a sand sculpturing competition. At first, I joined as a volunteer to help out building up the tents, and dismantle them after the event is over, as well as packing up everything and cleaning up the beach. 
But I was soon to find out that we had to participate to the competition as well. Hummm interesting... I had never built a sand castle before, and haven't played in the sand since I was 5. I'm curious to see how this will turn out!

SG group was eventually divided into 2 teams formed by 3 and 4 people respectively. It's only 10am and the weather is already extremely hot. I'm wondering if sun block 50 will be enough.

Our competitors are very well organized. At least some of them. They brought tools, instruments, boards, pots etc. We're suddenly look like such amateurs! The team next to us is planning on building a train. They already have a cardboard train station, all nice and pretty. They appear as real professionals! 

Here's SG teams:

Our team plans on building the Tour Eiffel. No more, no less. :) Our allies, a few fields away, are working on a giant turtle. In order to impress the "jury" they come out with a environmental oriented story behind this choice.

It's kind of funny, because they joke about it, but there's some truth in it. After all, giant turtles are endangered species. 
Their final piece of work is quite impressive. Both adults and children seemed to love it.

We worked hard on our project, but it might have been sighlty too ambitious. But I guess in the end, you could guess what it was. Sort of. In any case, I had, surprinsingly enough, a lot of fun doing it. 

After an hour and a half building and sweating under the excessive heat (wheather forecast was expected 33C, but it felt like 45C), all teams were done. 
Themes were aquatics (a giant lobster, turtles, sea shell, etc) or more peace-oriented messages (one of the sculture was entitled "endless love", to say the least), and others, more diffcult to categorize. But there was a lot of thoughts and involvement in each piece.
As you can see

After lunch, there were 2 nice entertainments on stage. A drumming band, then children performing a dance. Quite enjoyable moment. 

Then they eventually announced the competition results. We lost. Both our teams! We'll have to do better next time!

We helped out packing up, then returned to Central.  
What a day!
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. t'es allé au Mickey Club dimanche? C'était une belle journée pour faire des chateaux de sable!!

  2. ah, les plaisirs des jeux de la plage...