samedi 8 octobre 2011

Paddles up....Go !

We're back on tracks with the dragon boat trainings on Saturdays at Stanley. So is the old routine of waking up instead of sleeping in after a tiring week. But there might be some drastic changes: "lean more forward" might not be our watchword anymore, since Gilles has been intending and trying hard to introduce us with a new technique he's learnt at his advanced (and intensive) dragon boat summer lessons. 
So here we are, like total beginners, or even worse: indeed, we have to kick out the old habits, which is not an easy task.  Concentrating hard to keep our arm straight.
The new movement is totally different, much shorter. It requires us to twist our body in order to avoid breaking the arm. "Let's keep it straight, guys!" He yelled something about the belly button facing whatever direction. Too much to take into account in one go. Not to mention trying to synchronize with my partner. I'll see about that once I've memorized the movement... Ohlala...
Reluctant at first, the new technique seemed to prove faster in the last lap. Or were we in the rush of getting a rest on the beach?
In any case, we might give it another shot in the coming training sessions. One should grasp any opportunity to get to the finish line first. 

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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