mardi 24 avril 2012

Savez-vous planter des choux?

a la mode, a la moooode....

If there’s only one thing to say : we were extremely lucky with the weather last week-end, especially on Sunday. Given the apocalyptic weather of the past few days (storms, black rain, and so on) we were inclined to write off the tree planting activity in Lantau and hope for a better way to spend our week-end. But there was no need to worry. On International Earth Day, Mother Earth favored us with a more than wonderful weather (way too hot some might even say). It really felt like summer, and we were in excellent spirit to join our long planned first CSR interbank activity, leaded by the green association Ark Eden.
I'm happy to report that we got a pretty good participation rate and commitment: out of 13 registered volunteers, 11 actually showed up!
Along with 4 other financial institutions, we made our way to Mui Wo (Lantau island) before climbing the hill slopes behind the village area.

Just off the pier, Jenny from Ark Eden association, briefed us a bit on the organization of the day, and the purpose of the association.

Concerned about the fires destroying regularly the forests and more globally the ecosystem in Hong-Kong, she has been dedicating herself to protecting the environment by replanting various species of local trees, via this association, and helped with volunteers, building up her knowledge of the ecosystem of Hong-Kong. Rising awareness of the danger of an unsuited reforestation with Australian trees, she pointed out the “plastic forest” in the distance. We listened carefully, took the group picture…

…then headed to Ark Eden “center” where all the plants were ready to be taken to the top of the hills. About 80 of us were gathered there, piling up small trees in plastic (!) bags, and bottles of water. 

After a brief description of the planting sites, we divided ourselves into 4 different groups, and somehow, the valiant SG group ended up planting trees on site A, the hardest of all. Luckily, the path was shaded, even though a bit slippery. 

But at last we got there. Wonderful views. A lot of (warm) air, not the kind we get back in the city. This one is pleasant. There’s even a slight breeze. 

Then we followed attentively how to plant the trees properly.

Where sould I start digging ? What do you mean “not yet”? For site A, there’s still some climbing needed. Really??!!

That’s when you learn the meaning of the word “slippery”. It was practically impossible to haul oneself up onto the top of the hill. Needless to say, with our hands full of trees and bottles. But I’m glad and proud to say : we made it !

Then we started planting, like madmen, under the hottest sun. But glad to take part to this meaningful activity, and happy to show our care for Hong-Kong, and for our planet.

A few data:
SG staff & family : 11 volunteers
Overall # participants : about 80 (to be checked)
Trees planted : around 800
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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